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At ARIUM Gulfshore, the following fees and monthly charges apply. Charges may vary by property and are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may apply.

Application and Reservation Fees

The following fees are due in full at the time of application and are required in order to reserve an apartment. ARIUM Gulfshore will accept payment by check or major credit card for all application and reservation fees.

Application Fee

Non-refundable fee paid by each applicant for verification of information.

Lease Fee/Administrative Fee

Non-refundable fee required to offset expenses incurred by management. If the application is rejected by management, the non-refundable lease fee will be refunded in full. If applicant cancels after 48 hours of submitting application, the non-refundable lease fee will be retained by management.

Reservation Fee/Security Deposit 
Ask about our surety bond program 


Other One-time Fees
Other Fees needed to lease an apartment may include but are not limited to: Administrative Fees, Amenity Fees, Refundable and Non-refundable Pet Fees and Non-refundable Controlled Access Fees.

One-time Pet Fee 
$350.00 for the first pet and $300 for the second.

Water Setup Fee 

Monthly Recurring Charges
ARIUM Gulfshore will accept personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders, or electronic ACH payments via the self-service Resident Portals.

Variable Rent per lease agreement. 

Valet Waste Fee

Trash Disposal Fee

Utility Admin. Fee 

Pet Rent

$10 per pet

Monthly administrative fee that covers the cost of reading, billing and system maintenance for the utility billing systems. 

Water Charges

Monthly water usage measured and billed based on the prevailing rates as established by the local municipality. Monthly charges will vary based on consumption and current rates and may contain other municipal fees.

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